SOLD: Stamford Country Charm


Country Charm

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    Fabulous countryside property on the old part of Stamford!  Yes, the house has shortcomings.  The main surprise was that the roof which is on its last legs. Luckily we could find a cost settlement between seller and buyer. The building inspector, of course, recommends removing the wisteria vine.  Luckily our buyers have a little more sense and appreciate the charm it adds to the rear facade of the house.

    The opportunity in the house is to renovate the elements with the greatest return on investment: The kitchen which presently is isolated and separate in the front of the house and the master bath which doesn’t even have double sinks.

    I am looking forward to seeing this house transform from outdated 90’s to 2015 and beyond with open concept kitchen to a dining & family rooms, in-floor heating, a master suite fit for a king and more.

    After an unusually long house hunt from Greenwich to Westport/Westin, I am thrilled to know that these clients have found their home and are excited about the property and home we helped them find!