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    Charles F. Booth walked into my office one day saying he was told “…to talk to me, Sabine, as I am regarded the go-to land broker in town”.  He went on to describe that he owned 5 already subdivided lots in Old Greenwich near the beach but all the real estate brokers he gave open listings to over the course of a year had not done anything for him, much less sold any of his lots.

    I visited the property the following day.  We climbed through high, nasty bramble. Given the conditions, it was difficult to get a full understanding of each lot. However, the potential and as well likely objections were immediately clear to me. I laid out a marketing concept, which focused on presenting each lot’s unique benefits as part of a community of new homes.

    The lots were all sold within 2 months time – all at full asking prices.

    I personally purchased one lot and undertook my first new construction project. The house had a simple and at the time, unusually open layout complete with great room and interesting lighting.  While it was located off the beaten path, at the end of a shared driveway, buyers and offers appeared even prior to its completion. It has since resold twice at increasing prices each time.